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Concrete Patching

Patching Concrete Holes

In the house and street, concrete patching is used to pour and repair concrete. Trenches or patches can be filled with concrete patching. Our concrete mixture for patching floors is chosen based on the conditions of each project.

As a concrete contractor, we patch and repair concrete floors for commercial organizations, less often for private households. In addition, we restore trenches with concrete when laying the trench to make them look like it was in their original form.

Our company also patches special bollards, commonly used to tie up ship's cables. Still, they can also be used as road space limiters or as functional decor. We can also produce flat concrete work such as equipment and machine pads. Their purpose is to distribute not only the machine's load pressure.

The patching service is handy when you need to repair a concrete floor. Road surface holes on the street can be examples. Pour back can be done using patching as well. By doing this, the concrete will be even throughout the house. Flat concrete works can also pour machine pads in outdoor and indoor environments.

Patching Concrete Holes

In which cases is concrete patching needed?


Patching trenches

We can partially replace the coating in some places. And also our concrete contractor company can seal the trenches and return them to their original appearance.


Pour back

As concrete contractor, we can pour back concrete inside a building as a floor. We can fill the space in whole or in part, depending on your tasks.


Road Surface

We can make sidewalks such as footpaths and walkways around your home. In addition, we can repair the existing road surface.


Road and street repairs

Our concrete services include patching roads, streets and also repair of cracks in concrete. We repair the road surface by patching holes in concrete.


Patching special bollards

We make and install special bollards with which you can limit the space on the street or in the parking lot.


Machine pads

Our services include the creation of special sites for your equipment or machine. This will make it more secure and free from vibration.

Additional services

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After pouring the concrete pavement, how soon can you start driving and walking on it?

We recommend waiting 24 hours before using the coating. If it is exposed concrete, then you need to wait until it is washed and sealed with a sealant. To travel by car on fresh concrete, you need to wait about 7 days. We also advise you to wait the same amount of time to move heavy objects across the concrete.

What is flat work in patching?

Flat work during patching is the creation of machine pads on which machines and industrial equipment can be installed in the future. These are used to reinforce and support heavy equipment.

What color can I get?

Color may vary depending on temperature, ambient temperature and sunlight.

Does all concrete crack?

All concrete after patching will crack to some extent. The key is to use the right mix and workmanship to minimize or control cracking. Usually the main cause of cracking floor is stress caused by the shrinkage of the concrete as it cures.

How thick should the slab be?

Depending on the application, we recommend 4" thick for sidewalks and 5 to 6 inches for driveways, depending on the type of traffic. Aprons are usually 7 to 8 inches thick.

Should I use reinforcement in the concrete?

Yes. Steel reinforcement can help prevent cracking throughout the lifetime of the slab. 6x6 # 10 welded wire meshes should be lifted to the center of the slab as it is poured. In addition, fiber can be added to the concrete to minimize cracking floor and reduce permeability.

What makes CORE & SAW different?

High quality

Safe for environment

Our company contractor in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming provides core drilling and cutting services that are dust-free and vibration-free.

Professional team

Team of concrete professionals

We aim to be professional in everything we do and constantly develop and improve. Providing the best concrete contractor services in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming is our goal.

Great experience

Dedication to customer experience

Having over a decade of industry experience, we can find a solution for any project or client, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and high-quality service to our clients.

High motivation

A high level of motivation

Our cooperation should be mutually beneficial for all of us. To maintain our high standard of quality services, we want to ensure that you are happy with our work and will continue to contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

Armed with the latest technologies

Unlike other service providers on the market, our company leverages modern equipment and highly qualified specialists to handle any project to the highest standard and on time.


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