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Concrete Polishing

Floor Grinding and polishing

Our company acts as a concrete contractor and provides concrete floor polishing services. This service is suitable for ready-made concrete pavement or concrete floor and allows you to level it, as well as to give the coating a shine. You can polish residential floors, such as indoor or outdoor e.g. floors around a pool, in a garage or patio, or in commercial areas such as shops or driveway, and warehouses. Oftentimes, burnished concrete floors are found in commercial spaces because they are easy to maintain and you can make finishes like polished concrete with salt and pepper.

The floor polishing process begins with a larger diamond segment, sometimes referred to as rough polishing. The goal of this step is to get rid of bumps, stains, dirt, paint and cured glue. After this stage, they are polished with a finer abrasive with the addition of a special compound or sealant to give the polished floor a greater shine. In addition, the sealant penetrates the concrete, thereby sealing it. The result is a shiny burnished concrete floor that is comfortable and reliable to use.

We can polish the existing old floor, this will help breathe a second life into it and it will look new, shiny and glossy enough, and it will take on a finished look. And also when polishing the floor, we can add dye to create an interesting decorative solution, so you can make both white and black, red, gray or any other color polished concrete floors. It is better to pick up dyes for polishing with a fine pigment, so the pigment can penetrate into the concrete and remain on the surface for a long time. There are many different types of polished concrete floor finishes, but the dye option is popular.

Floor Grinding and polishing

Aplications for polishing concrete


Polishing the old floor

We provide services for polishing old coatings. This will make him look much better after finishing the process.


Polishing newly poured concrete

After pouring the concrete, we polish it to smooth out the irregularities and make it more shiny, and the concrete surface looks complete.


Colored polishing

We will paint the coating in any color from the concrete catalog when polishing. It will look amazing and unusual, and will suit any decor.


Decorative polishing

You can customize the look with polishing and finishes such as polished concrete, salt and pepper.


Create shine

We can make the floor polish in different degrees of shine, depending on your needs. To do this, we will polish in several stages.

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How does the concrete polishing process take place?

The polishing process consists of several stages. At the first stage, we remove the top layer of the coating and get rid of various contaminants, for example: dirt and glue, using a coarse abrasive. Then, with the help of a special chemical composition and a fine-grained abrasive, we bring it to the desired degree of gloss. At the end, when the polishing is over, we apply a layer of protective coating.

What are the types of polishing?

Distinguish between dry and wet polishing. When wet polishing, some amount of water is used to reduce dirt and polish better. In our company we use slightly wet concrete polishing.

What is used for concrete impregnation and what is it for?

We use a densifier to impregnate the concrete during polishing. It is applied at the end of the process, so it helps to fill the concrete structure and make it very smooth. The floor becomes more resistant to external influences, and its service life is significantly increased.

Is it possible to make a colored floor as well as different patterns on the floor?

Yes, we can add dye when polishing and get different colors from the catalog. It can be a gray or red floor. But we don't make drawings or patterns on the floor.

Is it possible to choose the degree of gloss and what does it depend on?

Floor polishing takes place in several stages, in each of which the floor is sanded with an abrasive. When choosing an abrasive, you also choose the degree of gloss. Therefore, to achieve maximum gloss, you need to take the finest-grained abrasive - 3000 grit. You can also make a matte floor for this, an abrasive will be used - 50-100 grit. You can choose the degree of gloss you need, and we will select the desired abrasive.

How much do polished floors glide?

The polished concrete floor does not slide more than usual. Of course, if the floor is wet, it will be slippery. However, in ordinary life, you will not notice the difference. But if you are still confused by the possibility of slipping, choose the matte polish option, it is not as smooth.

What are the benefits of a polished concrete floor?

It requires a minimum of maintenance, but it looks amazing. The polished floor is strong enough to withstand even very heavy loads so that it can be used even in industrial locations. It is easy to clean and undemanding to use - this will help you save money in the future.

Where is a polished floor suitable and which is not?

A polished floor is suitable for almost any location. It is often made in various stores and shopping centers. You can do it in an industrial building or at home. This durable floor will look good anywhere.

Why Core & Saw?

High quality

Our company contractor provides quality core drilling and cutting, dust and vibration free, and also GPR scanning services in Colorado and Wyoming.

Professional team

We strive for professionalism in everything, so we do not stop developing and improving in our field. Our goal is to be the most professional concrete contractor company in Colorado and Wyoming.

Great experience

We have ten years of experience, so we can easily find an approach to any work and client. We guarantee the reliability and quality of our services.

High motivation

It is important for us that our cooperation is mutually beneficial. Our company provides high quality services, and we want you to be satisfied with our work and contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

We provide only high-quality services and have modern equipment and highly qualified specialists who know how to handle it at a high level.

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