Flat Work in Colorado and Wyoming


Flat Work

Concrete flat works in Colorado and Wyoming

CORE & SAW acts as a flat work concrete contractor near you if you live in Colorado or Wyoming. We provide services of flat work with concrete, but first you need to understand what is meant by flat work. Concrete flat works mean everything that is connected with pouring or laying a flat horizontal surface. These can be sidewalks, entrances, areas for garbage containers, paths, curbs, patios or floors inside the house, and also in the garage, and more. The cost of flat works varies depending on the type.

Concrete flat work is not just pouring, it is an important part of the job when laying the pavement. We always select the best concrete mix so that it does not shrink and cracks less. If necessary, concrete can be reinforced with structures to make it more durable. And also add a kind of finishing, for example, for concrete flat work indoors, it is better to make a smoother surface, while if you pour concrete outdoors, it is better to give it a rough and roughened structure.

Our company will cope with any concrete flat work, regardless of whether you want to pour the concrete covering inside or outside. Over the years of our work, concrete pavement has shown itself to be a reliable material for the creation of various ramps, parking lots and paths. And with our experienced experts, we will make sure that it cracks as little as possible and is more durable.

Concrete flat works in Colorado and Wyoming

Aplications for Flat Work


Filling the floor in private houses

Our company pours high-quality concrete floors indoors, it can be a commercial building or private houses.


Pouring on the street

We can cover the street, such as sidewalks, various entrances and paths, curbs and patios. We use quality blends to ensure only the best coverage.


Pouring for commercial buildings and structures

We can pour concrete floors in offices, commercial premises, as well as any other industrial buildings.


Decorative fill

We can make stamped concrete or paint it in any color from the catalog. This will make your coverage look interesting and beautiful.

Additional services

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Concrete Scanning with GPR

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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

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Flat Work



What kinds of flat jobs can you do?

Our company as a concrete contractor can do flat work in the form of pouring concrete floors and various sidewalks, we can also make driveways, curbs and gutters from concrete.

What concrete is used for pouring?

We mix and use imported concrete, but sometimes we can mix concrete on site to get the right mix.

What color does the poured surface get?

As with polishing, in the process of pouring concrete, you can get any color from the catalog.

What are the types of decorative finishes for flat work?

We can make stamped concrete. This is when a special stencil is used when pouring concrete, as a result of which you can get an imitation of stone or brickwork on your sidewalk. In addition, we can paint concrete in various colors.

How long does the concrete cure when I can walk on it?

After pouring, you need to wait 24 hours, after which time the concrete will harden and you can move freely over it.

What problem can I face after pouring, and how can I avoid it?

Often, new concrete can crack and settle, so that this does not happen, we use only high-quality mixtures and additionally strengthen the concrete with help of hard gas trowel.

How can concrete be reinforced when poured?

The use of gas or electric power trowels helps to expel excess moisture and air from the concrete, thereby strengthening it. If there are air or water bubbles in the concrete, then it can settle and crack. Grouting with trowels is used to prevent this from happening.

Why Core & Saw?

High quality

Our company contractor provides quality core drilling and cutting, dust and vibration free, and also GPR scanning services in Colorado and Wyoming.

Professional team

We strive for professionalism in everything, so we do not stop developing and improving in our field. Our goal is to be the most professional concrete contractor company in Colorado and Wyoming.

Great experience

We have ten years of experience, so we can easily find an approach to any work and client. We guarantee the reliability and quality of our services.

High motivation

It is important for us that our cooperation is mutually beneficial. Our company provides high quality services, and we want you to be satisfied with our work and contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

We provide only high-quality services and have modern equipment and highly qualified specialists who know how to handle it at a high level.

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