Concrete Cutting (Sawing) in Colorado and Wyoming


Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting or sawing is a critical process to implement new buildings, conversions, or renovations more quickly. For example, a wall saw cuts larger and smaller concrete surfaces from walls, ceilings, or floors.

Thanks to the development of concrete cutting, concrete constructions can be made in one pour, and openings can be cut out later. This significantly simplifies and speeds up the entire construction process. In addition, concrete cutting is much easier, faster, and cleaner than chiseling when creating breakthroughs. Concrete cutting is also used in demolition work, for example, when demolishing balconies.

Various tools and processes are used to cut concrete, asphalt, reinforced concrete, masonry, or natural stone. For example, wall saws, wire saws, compass saws, and joint saws can be used to make precise openings and cuts in hard materials all while being quiet, causing no vibration and dust.

Precise, vibration-free cuts are measured in reinforced concrete, masonry, natural stone, screed, and floor slabs. We use our high-frequency precision saws on ceilings, walls, stairs, and sloping elements for you - with our many years of expertise and as your professional.

Applications for Concrete Cutting


Cutting concrete trenches

Concrete can be cut to create trenches by our concrete company contractor. You can lay wires and pipes through these trenches.


Creating road openings

Using concrete cutting, we can create outlets for pipes, sewer lines, gas lines, and holes for ventilation, roof windows, and basement openings.


Reinforced concrete cutting

Our saws can still cut reinforced concrete despite its strength. Therefore, concrete cutting is part of our concrete services.


Taking down walls

Our blades are powerful enough to cut thick concrete walls, but if your wall is denser, we'll buy stronger blades.


Egress window cutting

A window opening can be made in a thick enough wall. This concrete service is provided efficiently and quickly by us.


The cutting of sidewalks

In addition to concrete work, Core & Saw also specializes in sidewalk leveling. The top layer can be removed, and the unevenness corrected to ensure a smooth and convenient coating.

Additional services

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Do you offer a variety of concrete sawing services?

Our company provides various sawing services as a concrete contractor. In addition to walls and floors, we also saw slabs of multiple materials. Additionally, we provide foundation wall cutting services. Our company also includes floor flush cutting services. It will help you hide the wiring and keep things organized.

What is your experience with cutting egress windows?

We have diamond-coated saw blades for cutting egress windows. Such openings can be cut in walls no thicker than 30 inches. It is, however, possible for us to cut thicker walls if needed by buying more appropriate blades.

What is the maximum depth at which a wall can be cut?

Today's equipment allows us to see up to 30 inches deep. This allows us to saw walls as thick as 60 inches. Then, depending on the depth of the cut, we can purchase blades for your project.

What is the maximum depth at which a floor can be cut?

Floor cutting is the same as wall cutting. It is possible to cut holes up to 30 inches, but if you need a deeper hole, we can purchase more blades to complete the job.

Can you tell me what flush concrete sawing is?

During flush concrete cutting, the floor is cut flush with the wall. This type is commonly used inside buildings to hide wires and electrification. However, this type of concrete sawing is less common outside.

Can you tell me what flat concrete sawing is?

Sawing all flat surfaces or slabs is referred to as flat sawing. Decorative and functional cuts are made using flat saws.

What other materials can you cut besides concrete?

Concrete is our specialty, but we also saw hard granite, asphalt, and brick. Unfortunately, frozen ground cannot be cut with our saws.

Do you have to use water when sawing?

The wall saw motor is hydraulically driven, so the required power connections must be provided by the client. The saw head and saw blade are water-cooled. If required, we can also extract the cooling water.

What makes CORE & SAW different?

High quality

Safe for environment

Our company contractor in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming provides core drilling and cutting services that are dust-free and vibration-free.

Professional team

Team of concrete professionals

We aim to be professional in everything we do and constantly develop and improve. Providing the best concrete contractor services in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming is our goal.

Great experience

Dedication to customer experience

Having over a decade of industry experience, we can find a solution for any project or client, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and high-quality service to our clients.

High motivation

A high level of motivation

Our cooperation should be mutually beneficial for all of us. To maintain our high standard of quality services, we want to ensure that you are happy with our work and will continue to contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

Armed with the latest technologies

Unlike other service providers on the market, our company leverages modern equipment and highly qualified specialists to handle any project to the highest standard and on time.


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