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Utility locating is a critical service that ensures the safety of construction workers and prevents damage to underground utility lines. In this blog post, we'll explore what utility locating is, why it's important for damage prevention, who needs these services, and how to choose the right company for your needs. As experts in the field, we know just how crucial it is to take advantage of professional utility locating services before starting any excavation project.


Utility locating is the process of identifying and marking underground utilities to prevent damage during excavation or construction. A professional locator uses various technologies such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic detection equipment to locate a range of utility types including gas, water, electric, sewer, and communication lines.


The 811 one-call system is responsible for indicating the location of publicly owned utilities, but it generally does not provide information about depths or privately owned utilities. Private utilities are likely to be present on most construction projects, and they could even encompass all utilities within the site. To obtain a thorough locating service, it is necessary to engage a private utility locating company to ensure the identification of all buried utilities. This private locating procedure safeguards all personnel on the site against the risk of damaging utility lines.

Private utility surveys are a crucial step in any construction or renovation project. They involve locating and mapping all underground utilities, including gas, water, electricity and elecommunications lines. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of private utility surveys and provide insight into how they're conducted. We'll also discuss when a private utility survey is required and share tips on selecting a reliable provider to ensure your project goes smoothly without any surprises or delays.


1. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) – Proceq GS8000 Pro

The most efficient real-time workflow and technology to scan and digitize the subsurface:
- Get a clear image of the underground in 2D and 3D as you walk.
- Digitize on-site findings on the map and send to CAD/GIS.
- Access to your data from anywhere, anytime.

2. RD8200 Locator

The RD8200 is the most advanced locator with optional on-board GPS, data logging, 5 diamond
precision cut antennas and much more.

Here are some key points on how utility locating can benefit companies:


Minimizing Service Interruptions for Customers:

Utility locating enables companies to identify the exact location of buried cables, pipes, or other infrastructure before initiating any excavation work. This ensures that there is no damage caused to these assets during the process and prevents unnecessary service disruptions for customers.


Reducing Liability Risks Associated with Damages to Underground Infrastructure:

Accidentally damaging underground infrastructure such as gas pipelines or fiber optic cables can have serious consequences not just for customers but also for the company responsible. Utility locating helps eliminate such risks by identifying potential hazards beforehand.


Meeting Legal Requirements of Digging Near Utility Lines:

Governments worldwide impose strict regulations regarding digging near utilities to ensure public safety. Failing to comply with these rules could lead to fines or even lawsuits against a company responsible for an incident caused due failure in compliance.

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Why is Utility Locating Important for Damage Prevention?

Proper utility locating is crucial for preventing accidents and injuries. Failure to locate underground utilities can result in serious harm to workers, bystanders or the general public. By utilizing professional utility locating services, you can ensure that all potential hazards are identified and addressed before any work begins.

Additionally, damage prevention of utility lines is essential for avoiding costly repairs and service disruptions. Hitting a gas line or electrical cable not only poses safety risks but also hinders daily operations in residential areas, commercial buildings as well as industrial complexes. Investing in reliable utility locating services before beginning a project can mitigate these risks while saving time and money on repairs caused by accidental damages to buried infrastructure.

Who Needs Utility Locating Services?

Construction and demolition companies, homeowners, property owners and utility/telecommunications companies are some of the primary customers in need of utility locating services. These services enable them to identify the location of crucial utilities such as gas lines, power cables or water pipes that might be buried underground before beginning any digging or excavation work. This ultimately helps prevent costly damage to these systems as well as ensures safety for anyone involved in the construction process.

Utility locating is especially important for construction and demolition companies as they tend to carry out more extensive work that can often involve heavy machinery. Without prior knowledge on where these utilities are located, accidents can happen which not only puts workers' lives at risk but also leads to disruption of vital services like electricity supply or telecommunication networks. Similarly, homeowners who want to install anything from a swimming pool to a fence around their property would benefit greatly from having accurate information regarding utility placement beforehand.

What types of utilities can be located using utility locating?

  • Utility locating is a crucial process for any construction or excavation project. It involves the use of specialized equipment to identify and mark the location of various underground utilities.
  • These utilities include:
  • Power lines: Electrical lines and cables are often buried underground and can pose a significant safety risk if not accurately located.
  • Gas lines: Natural gas and propane lines are often buried underground, and locating them is critical to avoid potential explosions and other hazards.
  • Water lines: Water mains and sewage lines are also often buried underground and need to be identified and marked to avoid accidental damage.
  • Telecommunications lines: Telephone and cable lines are frequently buried underground, and locating them is essential for avoiding service disruptions.
  • Fiber optic lines: With the increasing demand for high-speed internet, fiber optic lines are becoming more common and require proper location to avoid costly damage.
  • Steam lines: Steam lines are often used to heat and cool large buildings and industrial facilities and need to be located to ensure safe construction and excavation practices.
  • Irrigation lines: Agricultural and landscaping irrigation lines are often buried underground and need to be located to avoid damage.

How to Choose the Right Utility Locating Company?

When selecting a utility locating company, it's important to consider their experience and expertise. Look for companies with a proven track record of accurately identifying and marking underground utilities. Ask about the qualifications and training of their technicians, as well as any certifications they hold.

In addition to experience, equipment and technology play a crucial role in utility locating accuracy. Choose a company that invests in state-of-the-art equipment such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), Electromagnetic locators, and other specialized tools. This will ensure accurate results even in challenging soil conditions or areas with multiple layers of infrastructure.

Ultimately, customer service is key when choosing the right utility locating company. Look for providers who prioritize communication before, during, and after the job is complete. A responsive team that values your business can help you avoid costly delays or mistakes down the line.

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