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Concrete Grinding

Floor Grinding and polishing

Concrete grinding and polishing are smoothing rough hard concrete surfaces to reveal a smooth and shiny finish. This method involves using heavy-duty grinders and diamond-impregnated discs that imitate abrasive paper. Throughout the concrete grinding process, the wheels are progressively replaced with finer grinding wheels to achieve high levels of brilliance or smoothness. As a result, you can quickly crush concrete to create a shiny or matte finish.

The concrete polishing process is the final step in the concrete grinding process, using the most delicate sanding discs to achieve a mirror finish. During the last phase of the concrete polishing process, a polishing compound can be added instead to remove almost all residual stains on the surface and add extra shine to the floor.

Grinding and polishing concrete can produce a much smoother, more distinctive surface that resembles a polished stone when used together.

Concrete grinding and polishing for floors in commercial and manufacturing applications offer several advantages, making floors robust and long-lasting. You have to do less to maintain the concrete floor, thanks to the improved longevity. For example, the surface is easier to clean if food or chemicals are spilled.

Concrete and asphalt grinding significantly improve road quality. The integrity of the entire road surface is not compromised, regardless of how often the asphalt has been ground. Concrete grinding provides a faster road ride, resulting in lower fuel costs and less travel time. A smooth road surface helps minimize noise, while improved texture increases slip resistance, making the streets safer.

Floor Grinding and polishing

What Can You Achieve with Concrete Grinding?


Glue and paint removal

As an experienced concrete contractor, Core&Saw will expertly remove traces of paint and glue from concrete floors. We then perform sanding, so you don't need to worry about any damage to your feet.


Concrete prepping

Good grinding aims to roughen the surface of the concrete, preparing it for the next coat of polish or the next step of polishing using a fine sander.


Creating a level floor

We also offer floor leveling services as part of our concrete services. The finished coating can be sanded to smooth it out.


Resurfacing and restoration of aged floors

By grinding your old floor, we can breathe new life into it. In addition, grinding will significantly improve the appearance of your floor.


Adding a coat of polish

After all the concrete pouring work is completed, we can polish it. Finishing the coating this way gives it more shine, durability, and an attractive appearance.

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What is the importance of grinding concrete slabs and floors?

Our company polishes concrete floors to the desired gloss level after finishing them. Concrete pores are opened up and roughened by sanding. Contaminants such as grease and dirt, as well as existing coatings, adhesives, or contaminants, will be removed. Your project will succeed from the beginning because the new surface will attach entirely to the old.

The flooring has traces of paint on it. Can you remove them?

It is challenging to remove paints and adhesives from surfaces. Manually removing this or using chemicals is time-consuming. So instead, we use a concrete machine with sanding pads to make the floor look good. This method is more effective than shot blasting or high-pressure water cleaning.

Can glue be removed by grinding?

When it comes to removing glue, grinding is a quick and effective method. Sanding removes paint and glue, preparing the coating for the next step. If you want a smooth surface, polish it or, on the contrary, add a rough surface to make it easier to adhere to the next layer.

Sanders looks and works differently than other power tools, so how do they work?

Typically, sanders (grinding machines) abrasively wipe concrete surfaces. Different grinding results are achieved by moving the discs in a circle. It results in a rough surface on the top layer of concrete.

How well does a grinder perform?

Depending on your goals and budget, a concrete grinding finish depends mainly on what you want to accomplish. Our highly skilled craftsmen and specialized equipment allow us to offer a wide range of concrete grinding and polishing services.

What makes CORE & SAW different?

High quality

Safe for environment

Our company contractor in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming provides core drilling and cutting services that are dust-free and vibration-free.

Professional team

Team of concrete professionals

We aim to be professional in everything we do and constantly develop and improve. Providing the best concrete contractor services in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming is our goal.

Great experience

Dedication to customer experience

Having over a decade of industry experience, we can find a solution for any project or client, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and high-quality service to our clients.

High motivation

A high level of motivation

Our cooperation should be mutually beneficial for all of us. To maintain our high standard of quality services, we want to ensure that you are happy with our work and will continue to contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

Armed with the latest technologies

Unlike other service providers on the market, our company leverages modern equipment and highly qualified specialists to handle any project to the highest standard and on time.


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