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Concrete Grinding

Floor Grinding and polishing

By grinding, we can smooth out the surface or add a little roughness to it. We can grind floors or concrete slabs. Grinding is used to prepare for the next coat, especially if the next coat is tile or wood. In such works, sanding of the coating is a very important process. To make the surface shiny and look good, we recommend polishing the floor at the end.

As a concrete contractor in Colorado and Wyoming, we are not satisfied with anything other than the highest quality. Whatever your concrete grinding needs, we'll get the job done right, on time. Our concrete grinding contractors will select which grinding treatment options are right for you, and will also inspect the space to understand the specifics of the room. Whether you want a rough surface for another flooring or you are interested in beautiful floors after sanding, our team can recommend the service that suits you.

So what is grinding good for? Concrete grinding will help you remove all dirt, such as paint and glue, from the surface. Another application of grinding the floor is to give the surface a special structure that will either help better adhere to the next layer, such as ceramic tiles or wood, or, if this is the final layer, give it a shine. And grinding the slabs can even out the surface of the concrete floor inside your home.

Floor Grinding and polishing

Applications for grinding


Remove paint and glue

Core&Saw is a concrete contractor and we can remove traces of paint and glue from concrete floors. We use sanding for this, so don't worry about damaging the floor.


Concrete grinding

The essence of good grinding is that after this process the concrete surface becomes rough and ready for the next layer.


Leveling floor

Our company contractor also includes floor leveling in our concrete services. The finished coating can be smoothed out by sanding.


Surface restoration and resurfacing

We can restore your flooring by grinding and breathing new life into your old floor. Your floor will look much better after grinding.


Coating polishing

At the end of all the concrete pouring work, we can do polishing, this will give the finished coating more shine and a finished look.

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Why is concrete slab and floor grinding important?

Sanding helps open up existing pores in the concrete and create a roughened surface. This helps the new surface to attach completely to the old and guarantees the success of your project from the very beginning. Any existing coatings, adhesives or contaminants such as grease and dirt can be removed. For finished concrete floors, our company offers a polishing service to the desired gloss level.

Can our company remove traces of paint from the flooring?

Paints and adhesives are very difficult to remove from surfaces. This takes time if removed manually or with chemicals. We use a concrete machine with special sanding pads to remove paint / glue to give the floor a good look. This method is more effective than shot blasting or high pressure water cleaning.

Is grinding effective when removing glue?

Grinding is a quick and effective way to remove glue. Using a sander, we can remove both paint and glue, and prepare the coating for the next step. For example, polish it and give it shine, or, on the contrary, add a rough surface for better adhesion to the next layer.

How does a sander look and work?

A grinding machine is a rotating device that abrasively wipes a concrete surface. The grinding discs move in a circle to achieve different results. As a result, the top layer of the concrete surface acquires a rough structure.

Can I get good results using a grinder?

You need to understand that finishing mainly depends on your goals and budget. We offer a wide range of services and can do everything beautifully thanks to special equipment and highly skilled craftsmen.

Why Core & Saw?

High quality

Our company contractor provides quality core drilling and cutting, dust and vibration free, and also GPR scanning services in Colorado and Wyoming.

Professional team

We strive for professionalism in everything, so we do not stop developing and improving in our field. Our goal is to be the most professional concrete contractor company in Colorado and Wyoming.

Great experience

We have ten years of experience, so we can easily find an approach to any work and client. We guarantee the reliability and quality of our services.

High motivation

It is important for us that our cooperation is mutually beneficial. Our company provides high quality services, and we want you to be satisfied with our work and contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

We provide only high-quality services and have modern equipment and highly qualified specialists who know how to handle it at a high level.

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