Concrete Scanning with GPR in Colorado and Wyoming


ABOUT scanning with GPR

Cutting and coring experts and construction professionals require a reliable, non-destructive solution to assess concrete and concrete structures.

Why use concrete scanning ?

GPR is now widely used for assessing the interior of concrete structures. When cutting and coring for renovation and repair, avoiding reinforcing bars, post-tension cables and embedded conduits is a priority. GPR can sense both metallic and non-metallic features making it a versatile imaging tool. Construction records for many buildings are not readily available and construction often differs from design resulting in GPR being the only way to confirm what is there.

What we can find ?


Rebar locating




PT Cables


Slab Thickness




Concrete Cover

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Core Drilling


Concrete Cutting


Concrete Patching


Concrete Scanning with GPR



Is GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) more expensive than X-ray scanning?

No, and actually GPR is a lot cheaper than X-ray because radar gives a much faster result. There is no time wasted on film development, and the penetration/hole can be moved or rescanned immediately.

Can GPR tell you the difference between rebar, PT cables, and conduits ?

Absolutely, and we have been doing so for clients as long as we have been in business.

What kinds of results can I expect?

1. For most of our projects, we directly mark the concrete to indicate safe areas to perform the work (i.e., cutting, drilling, etc.). 2. After computer processing, drawings can be produced along with dimensions of the scanned area. 3. The highest level of reporting provides a 3-D view of the scanned area. 4. We can also take digital pictures of our scans and email them directly to an engineer/building owner for approval of the drilling locations.

Does GPR pose any health risk, or any threat of interference with radio frequency or electronic equipment?

No, it doesn’t. In fact, the radiated power from GPR is a small fraction of that emitted by a cell phone. And because we don’t have to worry about such hazards, we can do our work without interference to the ongoing business/operations around us.

What if we have a metal pan deck?

GPR will show a normal profile through the slab. It will detect the metal underneath but it will not penetrate it. We will not be able to see the conduit in the deep part of the pan due to the reflection of the metal.

Founded in 2009, CORE & SAW has over 10 years of experience with drilling and sawing services for residential, commercial and government projects. With offices located in Denver Metro, we have worked around Colorado and Wyoming on tens of different projects. There’s no job that’s too big for CORE & SAW.

why Core & Saw?

CORE&SAW provides the highest quality core drilling, sawcutting and GPR scanning on the market

We strive to be the most professional service provider in Colorado

We have extensive experience in the field and a true insight into proving the solutions

We are highly motivated to earn your business and your trust

Our technichian are trained and experienced in using all our high-tech equipment

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