Concrete Scanning with GPR in Colorado and Wyoming


Concrete scanning with GPR

Concrete Scanning

Concrete cutting and drilling experts must accurately assess concrete structures using a non-destructive tool. Today, such a tool is GPR scanning. When drilling concrete, the main task is to bypass the reinforcement structures. GPR scanning helps to assess the internal structure of concrete and the presence of foreign elements in it, as a result you get an GPR image of a section or three-dimensional model for assessment.

Scanning concrete with GPR has several advantages over other methods. First, it is harmless to the environment and ecological balance. Secondly, the GPR scanning does not require powerful energy sources and is equally effective when scanning horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces. The main advantage is accurate transmission of the internal structure while maintaining the integrity of the concrete.

Concrete Scanning

What we can find?


Rebar locating
Using GPR scanning, you can find out where the reinforcement is in the concrete and not hurt it during further work.


By scanning with a georadar, we can clearly identify where the pipelines are and remove concrete exactly above them for their repair.


PT Cables
Since PT cables are supports for a concrete structure, you need to know exactly where they are laid when working with concrete.


Slab Thickness
We also use GPR to find out the thickness of the slab, this knowledge helps us, for example, find the right saw for cutting a slab.


When concrete is poured, voids can form on the surface, and concrete scanning can be used to control the pouring process.


Concrete Cover
You can scan the concrete surface to see the location of rebar, cables, pipes or other foreign elements.

Additional services

Core Drilling


Concrete Cutting


Concrete Patching


Concrete Scanning with GPR



Is GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) more expensive than X-ray scanning?

No. In fact, scanning concrete with GPR will be even cheaper. Since it doesn’t require additional development of the resulting, for example, developing an X-ray image, everything is done quickly and accurately.

Can GPR tell you the difference between rebar, PT cables, and conduits ?

Of course. This is one of the main functions of GPR scanning, and we provide such services to our clients.

What kinds of results can I expect?

1) We make sure to mark the concrete to mark safe areas to work with (eg cutting, drilling, etc.). 2) After computer processing, you can create drawings indicating the dimensions of the scanned area. The highest level of reporting provides a 3D image of the scanned area. 3) If required, we can take digital images of our scanned images and email them directly to the engineer / building owner for drilling site approval.

Does GPR scanning pose any health risk, or any threat of interference with radio frequency or electronic equipment?

No. The power emitted by a GPR is a small fraction of the power emitted by a cell phone. And since we don't need to worry about such dangers, we can do our job without interfering with people around us.

What if we have a metal pan deck?

The GPR will show a normal profile across the concrete slab. It will detect metal underneath, but will not pierce it. We will not be able to see the channel in the deep part of the pallet due to the reflection of the metal.

Why Core & Saw?

We provide quality core drilling and cutting, dust and vibration free, and also GPR scanning services in Colorado and Wyoming

We strive for professionalism in everything, so we do not stop developing and improving in our field. Our goal is to be the most professional company in Colorado and Wyoming

We have ten years of experience, so we can easily find an approach to any work and client. We guarantee the reliability and quality of our services

It is important for us that our cooperation is mutually beneficial. Our company provides high quality services, and we want you to be satisfied with our work and contact us in the future

We have only modern equipment and highly qualified specialists who know how to handle it at a high level

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