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Concrete scanning with GPR

Concrete Scanning

Concrete can hide many elements that are potentially threatening to construction projects. Identifying this potential is becoming increasingly important. To minimize costs and damage, the ideal scenario is to examine these concrete structures non-destructively. Bypassing reinforcement structures is the primary goal when cutting concrete walls and slabs. Our company uses ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to assess the construction of walls and slabs.

A GPR scan of walls or slabs evaluates the internal structure of concrete, the presence of foreign elements, and the location of the rebar, which results in a 3D model or a GPR concrete imaging of the section.

Our Concrete Scanning Services: How It Works

Our concrete contractor company in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming offers rebar and structural scanning services using GPR technology. In comparison to other methods, GPR concrete scanning has several advantages:

  • It is eco-friendly and harmless.
  • GPR scanning walls and slabs don't require powerful energy sources.
  • It is suitable for horizontal, vertical, and inclined surfaces.

GPR scanning can deliver accurate information about rebars' internal structure and location on imaging while preserving concrete integrity.

Here's how we work:

  • To work safely, we mark the safe areas on the concrete walls and slabs (e.g., cutting, drilling, and more)
  • The dimensions of the scanned area can be shown in drawings after computer processing. A 3D concrete image of the scanned area is provided at the highest level of reporting.
  • If the drilling site owner or engineer requires digital images of our scanned images, we can email them directly.

Concrete Scanning

What Can We Find Using Concrete Scanning?


Location of rebars

GPR makes it easy for concrete contractors to find reinforcement in concrete. As a result, reinforcing bars will remain intact during the project's next phase.


Pipes and Tubing

Pipes can also be located using GPR scanning. Doing this allows you to plan your excavation to dig precisely above them.


PT Cable Routes

After finding the cables, you can proceed with your work safely. PT cables can be located using GPR as part of our concrete scanning services.


Electrical Conduits

Using GPR, we can locate electrical conduits in concrete. It would help if you drilled safely to prevent touching the wires while drilling the walls or floors.


The thickness of a slab

To estimate the thickness of the slab, we use GPR technology. You need to have this information if you are required to achieve a specific concrete slab thickness.


Cracks and voids

Concrete voids form during the pouring process and interfere with the job's progress. At the concrete pouring stage, we can track them using GPR.

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Concrete Scanning with GPR


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Are GPRs (Ground Penetrating Radars) more expensive than X-rays?

Not at all. GPR will be even more cost-effective for scanning walls and slabs. In addition, all results are processed quickly and accurately since no additional image processing is required.

Are GPRs capable of identifying rebar, PT cables, and conduits?

Yes, it can be seen on imaging. A radar concrete scanner is explicitly used for this purpose, and we are glad we can provide it to our clients.

Can GPR scanning interfere with radio frequency or electronic equipment or pose a health risk?

Not at all. A GPR emits a small amount of power compared to a cell phone. Because of the safety of GPR technology, we can proceed with the concrete scanning without posing any risk to people around us.

Would GPR work if we had a metal pallet underneath?

With the GPR, a regular profile will be displayed across the concrete slab, and rebar can be detected along the profile. The imaging will show the shape of the part of the slab that is higher than the pallet when it sees metal underneath, but it won't penetrate it. By reflecting off the metal, the channel in the deep part of the pallet will not be visible.

What makes CORE & SAW different?

High quality

Safe for environment

Our company contractor in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming provides core drilling and cutting services that are dust-free and vibration-free.

Professional team

Team of concrete professionals

We aim to be professional in everything we do and constantly develop and improve. Providing the best concrete contractor services in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming is our goal.

Great experience

Dedication to customer experience

Having over a decade of industry experience, we can find a solution for any project or client, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and high-quality service to our clients.

High motivation

A high level of motivation

Our cooperation should be mutually beneficial for all of us. To maintain our high standard of quality services, we want to ensure that you are happy with our work and will continue to contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

Armed with the latest technologies

Unlike other service providers on the market, our company leverages modern equipment and highly qualified specialists to handle any project to the highest standard and on time.


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