Diamond Core Drilling in Colorado and Wyoming



Concrete Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is an effective method for drilling a variety of hard materials such as concrete. This method is used when it is necessary to make a round hole. The main advantage of diamond drilling is the absence of vibration, which helps to reduce the risk of damage for adjacent structures. Electric and hydraulic drilling rigs can be used in hard-to-reach or sensitive places, in addition, holes can be drilled both perpendicularly and at any angle.

Our company provides core drilling services mainly in Colorado and Wyoming. We can drill materials such as concrete, masonry, asphalt, steel and other hard materials. With core drilling, we can drill a round hole in concrete from 0.5" to 42" in diameter and up to 60" deep, at various angles.We can drill walls or concrete slabs.

Concrete Core Drilling

Applications for Diamond Core Drilling


Plumbing drilling is used for laying pipes or water drainage systems and also electrical lines.


We can drill HVAC holes for ventilation systems so that the air can then be supplied through them.


Core drilling can be used to drill holes for electrification systems, both outside and inside buildings.


Drilling holes for fiber optic cables and other telecommunication systems.


Anchoring Bolts
We make holes for the anchor bolts and use them to fix your steel or metallic structure.


Concrete Sample Analysis
During core drilling, we drill a testing core and use it to analyze the quality of concrete.

Additional services

Core Drilling


Concrete Cutting


Concrete Patching


Concrete Scanning with GPR



What are the advantages of Diamond Core Drilling?

The diamond drilling method is great for making round holes in hard materials such as concrete or brick. The hole can be drilled at any angle to the surface. The advantage is that there is no vibration during concrete drilling. This minimizes the risk of touching adjacent structures. Thus, it can be performed in confined spaces and sensitive locations.

What is the size of holes you can drill?

Diamond drilling allows you to drill holes from 0.5 to 42 inches in diameter.

What is the deepest hole you can drill?

With the equipment available for this job, our company can make holes up to 60 inches deep.

Do you use water when drilling?

Yes. The use of water when drilling concrete has two functions. Firstly, dust can be fought with water, water cleans the hole from shavings and dust. The second function is rather technical. Pressurized water cools the diamond core drill and prevents overheating.

How far are you ready to drive from Colorado for work?

Most of our projects are located in Colorado and Wyoming. We have several projects within 100 miles of Colorado. We are ready to go as far as possible for you and your project, but first we will evaluate the project and agree only if it is practical enough for us and for you.

Why Core & Saw?

We provide quality core drilling and cutting, dust and vibration free, and also GPR scanning services in Colorado and Wyoming

We strive for professionalism in everything, so we do not stop developing and improving in our field. Our goal is to be the most professional company in Colorado and Wyoming

We have ten years of experience, so we can easily find an approach to any work and client. We guarantee the reliability and quality of our services

It is important for us that our cooperation is mutually beneficial. Our company provides high quality services, and we want you to be satisfied with our work and contact us in the future

We have only modern equipment and highly qualified specialists who know how to handle it at a high level

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