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We are a diamond core drilling contractor - experts in concrete coring in the Denver metro and greater Colorado. We provide high precision drilling services. Our concrete coring company guarantees reliability in every project.

We carry out diamond concrete coring with diameters from 0.5 to 42 inches. This gives you a wide range of options to implement your ideas. Our high-tech methods and experienced specialists handle any task easily and flawlessly, whether you need to drill into concrete, asphalt, concrete slabs, or walls.

When it comes to drilling depth, we can drill a hole up to 80 feet, giving you maximum flexibility in planning and executing your project. Our core drilling companies are a reliable partner for your construction needs. We are the leading concrete coring company in Colorado and Wyoming. We will provide you with everything you need to successfully complete the project.

By choosing us, you will receive only the highest quality of services. Reliability, professionalism, and innovative approaches are what make us leaders in core drilling in the Denver area and greater Colorado.


The main factor that makes this service in demand is the use of specialized equipment with diamond nozzles. Unlike conventional drills, diamond drills provide high efficiency drilling when working with various materials, including reinforced concrete and stone.
Conventional drills such as standard home hammer drills are not always able to cope with obstacles in the form of reinforcement. This often leads to wear of their cutting abilities. With diamond core drill bits, the situation changes dramatically: the artificial diamonds used in bits have outstanding strength. This allows you to address the most difficult materials without losing cutting ability.
Specialized equipment for diamond drilling is equipped with water cooling systems. This ensures more efficient cooling of the tool during operation. It also eliminates the formation of dust, which is an important factor for ensuring the safety of workers and maintaining cleanliness in the workplace.

When do you need diamond core drilling services?

Nowadays, two elements with diamond attachments are common for drilling - a drill and a crown. Diamond coring technology is popular for drilling concrete and stone.
Holes created using diamond drilling have a slope of up to 45 degrees, making this method ideal for a variety of projects. Drilling concrete with diamond bits is suitable for installing household appliances. For example: hoods, gas convectors, split systems. This makes it popular in the home improvement industry.
Diamond drilling is used under highways, for laying water pipes, gas pipelines and heating systems. This is an effective way to create openings for communication lines and internet access. We make precise holes for both residential and commercial projects.

All about our operation

Our company specializes in providing diamond drilling and saw cutting services for various industries. We actively work with General Contractors (GC), contractors, engineers, government entities as well as residential homeowners. We provide them with the necessary concrete core drilling services to fit their needs no matter how large or small a project it is.
Residential homeowners are an important part of our customer base. We provide services that enable them to make the necessary changes to fit their needs during new and renovation projects. Whether you need to drill holes to install new windows, doors, or utility lines, we provide a professional approach to completing the project on time and within budget by considering the individual needs of each client.
We actively work with General Contractors throughout the Denver metro and greater Colorado areas. For certain construction projects, it may be necessary to hire a specialized concrete drilling company to address any obstacles you may encounter on a project. We offer quality services, meeting the highest standards of professionalism and safety. Our experience and equipment allow us to effectively handle a variety of complex situations. This makes us the ideal choice for contractors looking to ensure the success of their projects.
Core and Saw customers can feel confident when selecting us for their core drilling and saw cutting needs. We guarantee the highest level of professionalism, precision in the execution of work, and attention to the individual needs of each customer.

For projects requiring precision to detail, and professional execution of the work contact us for reliability, professionalism to ensure the durability of your concrete needs.

How does one acquire our drilling services?

If you are looking for a core drilling company in Denver metro or the greater Colorado area, we are at your service. The first thing you should do is to submit a request on our website (www.CoreandSaw.com). Our office manager or a sales representative will contact you as soon as possible to address your project needs.

After all aspects of the project have been clarified, our professional staff will prepare an individual estimate for you that includes all details of the project including any specific requirements that you may have for your project. Once a contract is in place, we will be in contact to arrange the scheduling of the project.

1. Selection of a diamond crown.
We select a diamond bit with the optimal diameter, considering the specifics of the task. This will guarantee drilling accuracy and efficiency.
2. Measuring the drilling depth.
Our craftsmen accurately measure the required drilling depth, preventing unnecessary impact on the object.
3. Point marking.
For maximum accuracy, we carry out point markings in the dismantling area, ensuring accurate completion of the work.
4. Reliable fixation of the diamond installation.
We ensure that the diamond rig is firmly mounted for maximum drilling accuracy.
5. Cooling of working tools.
The supply of water ensures effective cooling of the working tool, maintaining its functionality.
6. Installation of a protective collector.
A special collector collects dirt and waste coolant, keeping the work area clean.
7. Diamond drilling.
We start the installation with the cutting mode set, providing optimal conditions for efficient performance of work.
8. Cleaning the area.
Upon completion of drilling, our craftsmen thoroughly clean the area, restoring the site to its original condition.

By contacting us, you receive not only professional services, but also partners who are ready to do anything to ensure your confidence in the successful completion of the project. We value the trust of our clients and strive for a long-term relationship, ensuring quality at every stage. When you are looking for diamond drilling throughout Colorado and Wyoming, we are at your service.

Where is diamond drilling used?



Our plumbing drilling services are widely used in construction and renovation projects. We create holes for laying water and sewer pipes and installing drainage systems. This ensures efficient and lasting integration of plumbing services in a variety of building types.


HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

We, as a concrete coring contractor, provide specialized drilling services for ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems. Precise and professionally made holes ensure efficient operation of the HVAC system.


Electrical work

We drill holes for new and retrofitted electrical lines. After which you can carry out electrical wiring from both inside and outside buildings. This is important for expanding electrical systems to accommodate new devices and equipment.



We provide services for drilling holes for laying fiber optic cables. Afterwards, you can create reliable and high-speed communication networks necessary for modern information technologies.


Anchor bolts

We specialize in drilling holes for installing anchor bolts. This is necessary for fastening metal and steel structures, ensuring their reliability and stability.


Analysis of concrete samples

Engineers will often need concrete analysis of new and existing concrete to determine the dynamics of a structure. Concrete cores and be tested to allow customers to accurately assess the quality of the concrete used. This is a key aspect in the construction and renovation of buildings.

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Do you add water during concrete drilling?

Yes, water is often used in the concrete drilling process. This is done to reduce the temperature of the drill and prevent overheating. This is also necessary to reduce dust formation. Water helps improve the drill's performance, extend its life, and ensure more efficient removal of concrete particles from the hole.

What determines the price of diamond drilling?

The price of a diamond drilling job depends on several key factors. First, the thickness and material of the wall or slab that needs to be drilled. This matters due to the fact that different materials require different equipment and time. The urgency of the task, seasonality, equipment used, size and number of holes also affect the final cost. The complexity of the operation, such as drilling at an angle, can increase the price. Core drilling at heights along with the diameter and thickness of the core will affect the price. Typically, the larger the core diameter and the thicker the concrete will increase the price of the core drilling.

How deep can you drill the hole?

We specialize in drilling holes in concrete. Our equipment allows us to reach depths of up to 80 feet. This provides enough flexibility to perform various tasks. From creating passages for pipelines to drilling holes for electrical and communication systems.

Who are our customers?

General Contractors
Electrical Contractors
Plumbing Contractors
HVAC Contactors
Residential homeowners

What makes CORE & SAW different?

High quality

Safe for environment

Our company contractor in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming provides core drilling and cutting services that are dust-free and vibration-free.

Professional team

Team of concrete professionals

We aim to be professional in everything we do and constantly develop and improve. Providing the best concrete contractor services in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming is our goal.

Great experience

Dedication to customer experience

Having over a decade of industry experience, we can find a solution for any project or client, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and high-quality service to our clients.

High motivation

A high level of motivation

Our cooperation should be mutually beneficial for all of us. To maintain our high standard of quality services, we want to ensure that you are happy with our work and will continue to contact us in the future.

Close-knit team

Armed with the latest technologies

Unlike other service providers on the market, our company leverages modern equipment and highly qualified specialists to handle any project to the highest standard and on time.


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